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Watch Free JAV Porn I was hanging out at home watching tv in the living room, with my bare feet up on the coffee table when one of my roommates, Lucas, came home from work. He said he also liked the show I was watching so he joined in and sat next to me. A few minutes later he said he needed to go up to room to take care of some stuff. But right when he left the tv remote stopped working. I couldn’t fix it and tried calling him to see if he could help but no answer. So I decided to go and knock on his door. But still no answer, so I just opened the door. To my biggest surprise he was jerking off on his bed watching a sneaky video he shot of my feet on his phone while sitting next to me in the living room! He had earbuds in though so he didn’t know I was there until I tapped his shoulder. He jumped up and tried to cover his phone and huge boner but he knew he was busted. We both laughed and I asked him, “so you shot a sneaky foot video of my sexy bare feet so you can jerk your big cock off to it?” He apologetically admitted it’s the truth. I found his honesty cute and it was flattering that he was so into my feet. His boner was still rock hard so I figured why not take advantage and started to tap his cock with my wiggly toes. 


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